Good morning Starshine the earth says hello Photographer- Decade dismorphic- eclectic- Tea drinker- quirky- alternative- arty-hopeless romantic- comedic- retro-metalhead- New romantic- Poet- Music maker

I never really "got" the appeal of blooging until I started one up.

I'm Ash, I'm crazy, fun, mystic, artistic, I believe in the beautiful of things.

I'm a Lotus Mantra Buddhist. I have decade dismorphia ( born in the wrong era). I'm a photographer/Film maker/ Sound Editor/ Music composer as well as on a learning path.

I have my goals and I know where I need to go it's just the getting there. Anyway I'm from London in the UK and wish to discover more... Ask


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One of the most beautiful songs ever on We Heart It

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Part 3 of 3: Filter Magazine, Jack White, “Instant Manipulation”, 2014

 Jack White’s Musical Stages represented in minimalist posters.


Jack White
"Do you believe in forever?"
I don’t even believe in tomorrow.
-Peter Steele - Type O Negative (via 80-90s-music)